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As a former Ecologist, being as environmentally responsible as possible is important to me.

Within my studio I try to have a zero waste policy. Clay scraps are all recycled, glaze always used up and any pots which are too flawed to be sold are given to a mosaic artist for use.

I sell seconds quality pots rather than smash them up as I prefer to not waste the energy that was involved in making them. My kiln is fired using electricity from a supplier that uses 100% renewable energy. I use cardboard and paper for packing and when I have used up my existing stocks of bubble wrap, I will be switching to paper for packing pottery. I do often reuse packaging from local friends and neighbours. I encourage my customers to reuse their packaging.

I try to lift share to events wherever possible and minimise my business mileage by dropping parcels twice weekly at the local depot which is close by.

I fundraise for local charities, with money being raised for Aberdeen Women’s aid through the sale of plants, sculptures and cards, and for cfine foodbanks via the sale of seconds and plants.

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